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IFC Mall, Hong Kong


Located at the IFC Mall at the heart of the city, Chinesology is a conceptual modern Chinese fine-dining restaurant by Mira Dining.

The designer took inspiration from Tong dynasty architecture that celebrates Chinese heritage with the vibrant colour palette of an exotic Eden in exploring the connection between oriental aesthetics and contemporary hospitality experience. Entering the Chinese mansion, guests travel through the reflection of ripples and a vertical symmetrical modern gate in jade.

Corridor 2 with Custom Greenery Glass with Fog Effect.jpg

The vertical interlock detail inspired by traditional Chinese veranda extending into the ceiling and arches, framing the modern garden glass panels sparks the chemistry when tradition meets modernity. In tong dynasty, the culture of architecture is to Integrate natural elements into architecture.

The designer translated the idea with an abstract garden pattern printed glass panels to capture the scenery of passing by a traditional yet abstract garden forest through a historic Chinese sightseeing corridor.

Corridor 3 Detail - Furniture Leather Texture.JPG
Corridor 3 Detail - Custom Screen with Furniture.jpg
Bar Lounge.jpg
Bar Lounge Detail - HK Cityscape Inspired Wall Scones.jpg
IMG_2821 2.heic

Behind the misty fog of subtly glistening textured tiles sets the bar lounge, lightened up with Hong Kong cityscape inspired wall scones and custom glass partitions arrayed in sleek ripples. Next to the custom wine cellar treasured with VIP bottles under metallic mesh, the gentle gradient reflective mirror contrasting with the rough concrete wall backdrop gives a sense of transformation of time, leading guests into a time staggered Lounge.  

The bar features the architectural language of a flipped Chinese pagoda with a delicate touch of shimmering blinds and ripple glass tiles.

Bar Detail - Ceiling Garden with Hexagonal Pendants.jpg
Bar Detail - Ceiling Blinds & Tiles.jpg

The Eden garden fashioned with hanging plants and hexagonal pendants in contrast with charismatic furniture and reflective bamboo tiles transforms the Bar into an energetic zone for a cocktail with a stunning view of Hong Kong’s harbor.

Main Dining Hall_Night.1.jpg
Main Dining Hall Detail - U Shape Ceiling Pendants.jpg

The main dining hall replicates a gleaming pond by employing abstract geometric floor patterns in expressing the motif of water. The hall with convertible and flexible banquette seat setting creates a social hub for gathering to provoke interaction. The ceiling design inspired by the repetition of lines on the Tong Dynasty Chinese mansion roof, the designer transformed the ceiling into a roofless courtyard with infinite skylight.


In Chinese culture, courtyard has been a place where family gathers and captures most of the happy memories. The ceiling mirror is framed into timber grids of film as a memories reels for guests and the host to capture memorable and precious moments during their visit. The infinite kaleidoscope captures the reflection and sunlight from day to night. It elicits a sense of playfulness and unexpected spatial experience. The U-shaped ceiling pendants infused with natural waves inspired ripple silhouettes create an interesting composition when the glimpse of light reflects onto the ceiling.

Private Dining Room 2.jpg
Private Dining Room 3 Detail - Chained Glowing Pendants & Leather Wall Art.jpg
VIP Room.png
Private Dining Room 2 Detail - Leather Wall Art.jpg

Three private dining rooms with distinctive colours and themes, with a pair capturing the seasonal transformation from autumn to spring and one larger features an abstract painting of the Eden. Diving into the private dining rooms, textural furnishings set below an array of distinctive chained glowing bulbs, leading guests to gaze underwater and glide through Layers of the gentle gradient in handcrafted leather stripes into the dance of coral reefs landscape.

Private Dining Room 3.jpg
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