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Nichole Choi
- Founder of Nichole Choi Studio

Nichole graduated in interior and spatial design from Chelsea Colleague - University of the Art London. The designer was intrigued by the journey of developing conceptual stories for different spaces and creating experience that brings people together. She believes her design belongs to the people and the society, and crafting narrative into spaces and objects which allows people to create and connect their own stories with, is the beauty of creation and what makes each project unique.

Our Team

Nichole Choi Studio - founded in 2021 by Nichole Choi, with an emphasis on crafting sensational experiences where guests immerse themselves into the cultural concepts of the surroundings and stories. An enthusiastic team who appreciates their journey in constant exploration of full potentials. We create contrasting designs and tell unique stories. We uphold our core design approach to inspire people in seeing differences and rethinking what we know. From the concept, the use of palette and space planning to the touch of details, we compose little stories at every corner, taking guests onto different journeys.


Nichole Choi

Founder & Lead Designer


Terence Yip

Interior Designer

Jacqueline Lee

Branding Creative & Interior Designer

Tommy Wong

Technical Designer


Ken Chan

Project Manager

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